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Voice Recorder - Dictaphone

Dictaphone (Automatic Voice Recorder) is an easy to use and free app that helps you to record, organize and store your audio files in a beautiful and intuitive user interface. Automatic silence detection helps you to skip silence intervals and to reduce the size of audio files. Automatic Dropbox or Google Drive synchronization ensures that once recorded, you files are uploaded to the cloud automatically. Always be prepared to record a long meeting, speech, personal note, night snoring or your friend’s karaoke solo :)

Full list of features include: Automatic Dictaphone Recorder, Automatic Silence detection and skipping, Manual silence sensitivity control, Manual and Automatic Dropbox Synchronization, Manual and Automatic Google Drive Synchronization, Adjustable audio quality (8kHz – 44kHz), Save/Pause/Resume/Cancel recording control, Background recording with recording and playback controls in the notification bar, Favorite recordings list, Share a recording via email and WhatsApp.



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