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Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget

We are proudly presenting first, fully animated Analog Clock Live Wallpaper and Widget Collection on Android. Live Wallpaper or Widget with animated clock mechanism includes moving gears, coils and second hand looking beautiful and stunning on your device. With amazing photo-realistic HD quality, specially built for latest HD phones and tablets, Analog Clock Widgets will make your eyes glare.

Transform your phone into envy-making item with Analog Clock Widget and Live Wallpaper Collection!

Main Features: Analog Clock Live Wallpaper and Analog Clock Widget Collection with animated second hand. 2 fully animated clock faces (gears, coils and second hand). 54 clock faces with animated second hand. Live preview that enables you to see how the widget will fit on your home-screen. Full HD compliance. Tablet optimized. Resizable widget layout. Lock Screen Widget mode. 2 basic widget sizes: 2x2 and 3x3. Integrated alarm clock

We have tested Clock Widgets on number of different devices. However if you are experiencing performance issues you can disable second hand animation from within the Widget configuration screen.



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