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Selfie Expert HD Camera

Become Selfie expert using Selfie EXP HD Camera app. We have created amazing filters inspired by nature and some of the greatest artists of the 20th Century. From now on you can apply filters only on certain part of the picture and to use Face Detection so the filter is tracking your face. Amaze your friends with the artistic expert photos from our camera app.

Amazing artistic filters - Use filters inspired by nature and artists. We have created filters which have never been seen before. Swipe left or right to change filters. Filter preview is shown in real-time in HD so you can see result from each filter instantly. You can also adjust filter and noise levels manually.

Unique Magic Tools - For the first time on mobile, Selfie expert Camera is bringing you the Magic Tools. Magic Tools allows you to pick an area where to apply the filter and leave the rest of the photo intact. You can also use Face Detection so the filter is applied only to your face. Have fun and explore the endless possibilities of Magic Tools.

Expert Photo Editor - Once you have taken your photo you can use Photo Editor to make it even more beautiful. Now you can use tools like Smudge, Blemishes remover, Facelift, whitening, color balance and many more.

Collages, masks and frames - Create beautiful collages with different masks, vignettes and filters. Let out your beauty and creativity with Selfie Expert Camera.



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