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Bloom Period/Ovulation Tracker

Bloom Period Tracker app helps you to track Aunt Flow’s arrival. With Bloom you can track your period, fertility, ovulation and sex life. Whether you just want a heads up that you’ll be surfing the crimson wave soon, or a way to track your fertility, Bloom period tracker is here for you.

Bloom makes tracking and predicting your cycle a walk in the park. Those who are using the app to track fertility can record the days they’re intimate with a little heart on the virtual calendar. You can see your monthly cycle without any pesky popups or ads. You’ll also get notifications sent to you before your period starts, the day of your period, and when you’re ovulating or when your period is late. Making it easier to track your cycle without having to monitor and micromanage your life. Reminders are easy to use and you can also type in whatever you want it to say and avoid embarrassment in front of your friends.

Your reminders and notes can be kept private with simple Pin code protection, and even if you forget to log your periods for a few months, it’ll still predict your cycle when you come back. Plus, there’s the added convenience of viewing upcoming cycles months in advance which enables you to plan vacations and other events around your period with ease.

Bloom tracks more than just your period, in addition to predicting your cycle, Bloom keeps track of your sexual activity, moods, and symptoms and fertility signifiers, like basal body temperature. It can help you to find your fertile window for optimal baby-making time.



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